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Neolt - EPT300 - 118 Electro Power Trim Inch Medium-Duty Electric Rotary Trimmer (with stand)

Neolt - EPT300 - 118 Electro Power Trim  Inch Medium-Duty Electric Rotary Trimmer (with stand)
ID : 13369

Neolt Electro Power Plus 118 Inch Medium-Duty Electric Rotary Trimmer (with stand) EPT300

The Neolt EPT300 electric rolling blade trimmer cuts paper up to 118 inches long and stacks of paper up to 10 sheets thick.
This high-speed, medium duty workhorse of a paper cutter, features a reinforced cutting head mounted on a square chrome plated guide rail with ball bearings. Cutting head cuts in both directions at twenty inches per second. Trimmer design facilitates horizontal output of trim edge for hand pickup or receiving table delivery. Engineering of the end frames permits the cutting of materials longer than the trimmer itself. Paper cutter is shipped with an adjustable reference guide.

Electric Rolling Blade Trimmers

Designed for Heavy Use applications, all Neolt Rolling Blade Electric Trimmers feature self-sharpening, hardened steel rolling blades matched with stainless steel flat blades. Rolling blades are mounted on a ball bearing transport system that is in turn mounted on a chrome plated guide rail. The result is a trimming system that gives a smooth, clean cut on a wide variety of materials. Trimmer heads are protected at all times by a unique, clear plastic shield. Florescent tube lighting illuminates the full length of the cutting area. A transparent clamp strip holds material firmly and automatically lifts when cutting head has completed a pass. Metal baseboards are calibrated in both inch and metric equivalents; height of the working surface is 34.25 inches. Positive belt drives power trimmer heads through the cutting zone at a constant speed. All models are supplied with stand and convenient waste catching basket.

The cutting head cuts in both directions at 20 inches per second. Either the convenient Touch Bar Actuator or foot pedal can be used to initiate each trim. The florescent tube lighting illuminates the full length of the cutting area providing a safe and bright work area. Comes with an adjustable reference guide, stand, and waste catching basket.

  • Product Length: 123.00 in.
  • Product Width: 18.00 in.
  • Product Height: 34.25 in.
  • Product Weight: 225.00 lbs.
  • Max. Cut Thickness: .06 in.
  • Max. Paper Cutting Length: 118 in.
  • Voltage: 110 volts
Digital ES / Neolt USA Trimmer Warranty: Thirty (30) day "return to depot warranty" on all parts, labor and freight on factory defects provided the customer has retained and returned the defective unit in the original packaging. Ninety (90) day "replacement parts only" on boards, motors, belts and lasers. One (1) year on material defects and craftsmanship