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RotaTrim - T-61 Model T1550 - 61 Inch Heavy-Duty Manual Rotary Trimmer

RotaTrim - T-61 Model T1550 - 61 Inch Heavy-Duty Manual Rotary Trimmer
ID : 13079
RotaTrim Technical T-61 Model 1550 - 61 Inch Heavy-Duty Manual Rotary Trimmer - T1550

The RotaTrim T1550 Manual Rotary Trimmer cuts paper up to 61" long and stacks of paper up to 5 sheets thick. The RotaTrim T1550 Paper Cutter has a fully enclosed, self-sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel is driven by two spring loaded pressure rollers for a secure clamping action. The overload plate is designed to prevent damage from accidental overload and can be easily removed for bi-directional cutting of thinner materials. The attached aluminum clamping strip automatically releases material when the Cutting Head reaches the end of the track.

An understanding of the stresses generated during heavy-duty cutting and the use of the most durable components has enabled RotaTrim to design and construct the Technical/PowerTech series of machines. The 14 models in the Technical/PowerTech range will each slice effortlessly through almost any flexible sheet up to 4mm thick. Additionally, these versatile cutters are equally at home with thin films and foils due to the unique, self-adjusting triple roller cutting head. With the range extending to a massive 99 inch cut length, the Technical (Manual) and PowerTech (Electric) Cutters are perfect for display/exhibition applications, finishing of all digital media and fast accurate dead straight trimming of pop-ups, encapsulated posters, vinyl, and banners.

The PowerTech models have the cutting head electrically driven by a steel reinforced belt, via a foot operated pneumatic switch, thus leaving both hands free for speedy repositioning and faster throughput. Each PowerTech machine is supplied with a comprehensive operating and servicing manual. Stainless Steel 11/2 inch square guide rail with all metal construction eliminates distortion. Self -sharpening Sheffield tungsten steel cutting wheel and counter blade. Transparent clamp strip combines with rubber gripper for firm positive clamping. Extruded satin finish aluminum baseboard with parallel indents, strong and warp free. Two- way cutting option by removing C.C. Plate. PowerTech high-speed version available. Comprehensive range of accessories. Longer machines (61 inches upwards) are now supplied with unique extension rods, which effectively double baseboard depth to 27 inches perfect for pop-ups.

The RotaTrim Technical /PowerTech Series of Rotary Cutters are ideal for:
  • Cutting Multiple Materials,
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Professionals
  • Advanced Amateurs
  • At Studios
  • Schools
  • Framers
  • Print Shops
  • Sign Shops



  • 14 inch Roll Dispenser for Technical and PowerTech Cutters
  • Baseboard Extension for 61 inch Cutters
  • Large Technical Stand ( Included required center support)
  • 24 inch Extension Ruler
  • 36 inch Extension Ruler

  • Shipping Information: Shipping Dimensions 78 x 19 x 6 Inches. Weight 42 lbs. Ships UPS or equivalent.

    • Product Length: 76.00 in.
    • Product Width: 14.00 in.
    • Product Height: 7.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 42.00 lbs.
    • Max. Cut Thickness: .19 in.
    • Max. Paper Cutting Length: 61 in.
    RotaTrim Products are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of five (5) years from the original purchase date against defects in materials and workmanship when used under normal operating conditions with the exception of the EuroCuts. The EuroCuts are warranted with the same conditions but for a period of one (1) years.