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ERC Trio - EX 3951 - Electric Stack Paper Cutter

ERC Trio - EX 3951 - Electric Stack Paper Cutter
ID : 15083
Electric Paper Cutter with a 16.9 Inch Cutting Length! This is a Best Value in Electric Paper Cutters. The ERC TRIO EX 3951 Automatic Electric Paper Cutter will cut 400 sheets of 16.8 x 24 inch paper in a single operation (17 inches from blade to backstop). With a two inch cut height, re-sharpenable and user replaceable cutting blade, the EX 3951 is easy to use and maintain. Triple safety settings for blade operation, fast action clamping, accurate optical cutting line and front cutting safety shield combine to make the EX 3951 Automatic Electric Paper Cutter a superior Electric Paper Cutter for a large variety of form sizing applications. A heavy-duty steel stand is included. Please note you can choose to either use or not use the stand. The ERC Trio EX 3951 Electric Paper Cutter can also be used as a Table Top Paper Cutter.
  • Product Length: 24.60 in.
  • Product Width: 27.00 in.
  • Product Height: 10.00 in.
  • Product Weight: 253.00 lbs.
  • Blade to backstop: 17 in.
  • Max. Paper Cutting Height: 2 in.
  • Max. Paper Cutting Length: 24 in.
  • Max. Paper Cutting Width: 16.8 in.
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • All Metal Construction
  • Solid Steel Blade Carrier
  • Solid spindle guided Paper Clamp applies variable, even vertical pressure along the Cutting Length
  • Blade/Knife Lock
  • Easy Blade Change
  • Adjustable Steel Paper Guide in mm. / inches
  • Micro Adjustment of Blade
  • Resharpenable Blade
  • Optical Cutting Line
  • Fine Back Gauge (Back Stop) Adjustments with calibrated hand crank on spindle guided Back Gauge. Back Gauge moves in 1 mm. increments. Back Gauge accuracy is plus/minus .5mm/.019 inches
  • External Blade Depth Adjustment
  • Automatic Blade Return from any position
  • Disc Brake for Instant Blade Stop
  • Hand Guard Shield for cutting safety on the Front and Rear Table.
  • Two-hand operation for safety
  • Safety Lock with key and Main Switch
  • Optional - adjusting leveling /screw feet are included
  • Includes: 2 Keys, Power Cord, Knife Removal Sheath, Knife Removal Tool, Crank Handle and Screw, T3 and T5 Screw Drivers for changing the Blade and for Blade Micro Adjusting, 2 Knife Removal Screw Handles, Sleeve Set, Hexagonal Driver
Warranty coverage for TRIO paper cutting products as follows: Three months labor and twelve months parts replacement for electric cutters. Two-year repair or replacement coverage for 15 inch and smaller manual cutters and trimmers. One-year repair or replacement for manual cutters and stack cutters greater than 15 inches. One-year repair or replace for staplers. With the exception of electric cutters, all items are "return to depot" for warranty service. Improper use, cutting blades and user maintenance requirements are not covered by this warranty.

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