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Cassida - 3300 - Advanced Counterfeit Detector - COUNTERFEIT DETECTION MACHINE

Cassida - 3300 - Advanced Counterfeit Detector - COUNTERFEIT DETECTION MACHINE
ID : 15764

Cassida 3300 Counterfeit Bill Detector

The Cassida 3300 Counterfeit Bill Detector provides reliable advanced protection against counterfeit bills. The Cassida 3300 Counterfeit Bill Detector verifies infrared security marks that are not known to be counterfeited.

Why use a counterfeit detector?
Currency counters with detection capability check only for UV and MG security marks which have been counterfeit. The Cassida 3300 Counterfeit Bill Detector not only verifies traditional magnetic marks but additionally checks for infrared security marks. These marks are the most advanced security feature of US bills and have not knowingly been counterfeit. The Cassida 3300 is built with the most reliable detection technology available in the industry, offering the best protection when screening larger bills before accepting them from customer.

The Cassida 3300 is a fully Automatic Counterfiet Bill Detector that does not require any bill authentication knowledge by an operator. Bills are fed automatically and scanned. The infrared and optical images are compared with authenticated bill patterns held in memory; instantly alerting you to counterfeit bills. All this in less than a second. The LCD screen displays denomination total and grand total. It functions like a low speed discriminator with an unmatched degree of counterfeit detection.

Multi currency capabilities
Using an advanced microprocessor and detailed software, the Cassida 3300 detector will verify other international currencies. Upon request, up to 5 additional currencies could be added onto a single device.

Cassida 3300 Counterfeit Bill Detector Overview

  • Infrared Detection
  • Magnetic Ink Detection
  • Color Spectrum Analysis
  • Verification speed: Less than a second per bill (>60 bills/min.)
  • Displays Totals by Denomination
  • Displays Grand total Value
  • Displays subtotal value and number of verified bills for each denomination.
  • Automatic bill feeding
  • Front/rear bill ejection option
  • Visual and sound alert on suspect bills
  • High resolution illuminated LCD display
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Easy to operate
  • Verifies: US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, British pounds and Japanese yens.
  • Warranty: 1 year full parts and labor warranty

    The Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector features Cassida 3300's IR imaging technology uses a powerful microprocessor to compare captured IR images with genuine bill images held within its memory and instantly alerts you if a bill is counterfeit. This is the most accurate and reliable detection method currently available on the market.

    Advanced Features
  • Speed less than a second per bill
  • Front/rear bill ejection option
  • Denomination recognition
  • Subtotals by denomination
  • Grand total value
  • User Friendly Features
  • Convenient interface
  • Ultra compact design
  • Software upgrades via internet

  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 2.00 lbs.

    Shipping and Handling are additional

    • Product Length: 5.00 in.
    • Product Width: 5.00 in.
    • Product Height: 3.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 1.50 lbs.
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