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SEMACON - S-1400 - Bank Grade Currency Counter/ Cash Counting Machine

SEMACON - S-1400 - Bank Grade Currency Counter/ Cash Counting Machine
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SEMACON S-1400 Bank Grade Currency Counter/ Cash Counting Machine

Please note, this is NOT a Discriminating (Mixed Bill) Money Counter. Counters with that technology fall into a whole different price range that is much higher than this one! It is a standard counter than can count a stack of twenties, or tens, or ones (all the same denomination).

Combining automated features with user- friendly controls, Semacon counters are so advanced in design, they're actually simple to use! It has never been easier to count money. Our control panel is one of the simplest to use in the industry. While simple to use, our bank grade counters maintain all the sophisticated features that are both expected and demanded by such heavy users such as banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.

All of our S-1400 series Bank Grade Currency Counters include an agitation system that vibrates at high speeds, designed to ruffle and break up the banknotes. The agitator helps to prevent multiple notes from sticking together as the notes pass through the counter. This helps to ensure the most accurate count possible, by reducing the number of double notes & chain notes so the counter can provide the most accurate total count possible. This feature is especially desirable in medium to high use situations.


  • Feed System.... Friction Roller System
  • Hopper Capacity.... 200 - 300 Notes (approx.)
  • Stacker Capacity.... 200 Notes (approx.)
  • Countable Note Size Range.... 50 x 90 mm to 100 x 185 mm
  • Counting.... Counting, Adding, Batching
  • Memory.... Remembers Previous Settings
  • Error Detection.... Detects: Doubles, Half Notes, Chain Notes, etc.
  • Size Detection.... - Included -
    (For foreign currencies where denomination values vary in size)
  • Power Source.... Switchable:
    110 VAC / 60 Hz
    220 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Dimensions.... 10.5" (270mm) W x 10" (255mm) D x 10" (255mm) H
  • Net Weight Approx..... 13 Lbs. (6 kg)
  • Optional Accessories.... External Display
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's one (1) year warranty

    Ease of Use
    Combining automated features with user-friendly controls, Semacon counters are so advanced in design, they're actually simple to use. It has never been easier to count money!
    Dust Shield
    The Semacon Dust Shield prevents dirt and dust from blowing into the operator's face and reduces the health risks associated with counting money.
    Precision, Accuracy & Reliable Counting
    Semacon counters are engineered with fully automated, advanced screening capabilities to thoroughly detect errors including double notes, chain notes, half notes, etc. Our counters always ensure the most accurate total counts and are designed to offer years of trouble free use.
    High Speed
    Semacon counters offer the flexibility of variable counting speeds as fast as 1,500 bank notes per minute and as slow as 600 notes per minute. With this wide range of operating speeds, our counters can efficiently and reliably process notes of all conditions, ranging from very worn to brand new. Additionally, the slow speeds enable the operator to inspect for "out of place" denominations.
    Error Detection
    Other Currency Counters you may find may not include error detection features. This means that you are not assured of an accurate count each time you count currency, which defeats the purpose of having a high speed counter. Don't buy a Currency Counter without advanced error detection capabilities! Semacon Currency Counters include error detection as a standard feature.
    Size Detection
    Semacon Currency Counters offer size detection capabilities which distinguish smaller dimension bank notes within a bundle.

    • Product Length: 10.50 in.
    • Product Width: 10.00 in.
    • Product Height: 10.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 13.00 lbs.
    • Max. Money Counting Speed: N/A banknotes/min
    • Min. Money Counting Speed: N/A banknotes/min
    • Stacker Capacity: N/A bills
    • Hopper Capacity: N/A bills
    • Counterfeit Detection: N/A 
    • Voltage: N/A volts
    • Max. Piece Length: N/A in.
    • Max. Piece Width: N/A in.
    • Min. Piece Length: N/A in.
    • Min. Piece Width: N/A in.
    All Lassco products with the exception of consumables are warranted to the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment when used under normal operating conditions. This warranty includes parts and labor.