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Preferred Pack - PP5300 Fully Automatic - Combination L'Sealer and Tunnel System- SHRINKWRAP MACHINE

Preferred Pack - PP5300 Fully Automatic - Combination L'Sealer and Tunnel System- SHRINKWRAP MACHINE
ID : 17124

Preferred Pack PP5300 Shrinkwrap Machine Combination Fully Automatic L'Sealer and Tunnel System

Rancho Cucamonga, California - March 1, 2011
The newly designed PP5300 was received a rave review when shown at the recent West Pack show in Southern California. Capable of running 40 packages a minute, this competitively price system gives its owners more "bang for the buck". Unlike its competitors that still use wheels and knobs to manually adjust for different package sizes, the PP5300 has "APA" that allows the operator to preload package parameters and with a touch of the screen, the infeed conveyor and inverting head automatically adjust to the new package. All new FRONT LOADING ROLL CARRIAGE, the only one available in this type of automatic system.

The PP5300 has a newly designed tunnel whose unique design allows for the inner heat tunnel chamber to move in and out while being adjusted for different package widths without causing the outer heat shields to move as well. Temperatures on the outer surface remain cool even though the tunnel is under heavy use. There are two observation ports so that the operator can adjust the system and observe the film shrinking so that he can produce the most acceptable package with the greatest ease.

  • Speeds up to 40 PPM
  • Vertical Seal Head Design
  • "Single Piece" Seal Hot Knife Seal Blade
  • Delta Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Variable Speed Drive 0-95 FPM
  • Motorized Adjustment of Seal Head
  • Front Loading Film Cradle
  • Pin Wheel Hole Punch
  • 14 x19 Inch Seal Area
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Full Roll Scrap Take Up Wheel
  • "Fail Safe" Safety Hinges to Prevent Operation When Safety Shields in Up Position
  • Password Driven Maintenance Override Capability
  • Chamber Size (WxHxL) :.... 18 x 8 x 38 INCHES
  • - 1 HP Blower Motor
  • Fully Recirculating Chamber
  • Live Roller Rod Conveyor
  • Solid State Digital Temperature Controller Programmable 0-400 Degrees
  • 10 KW Heater Bank
  • Internal In and Out Tunnel Adjustment For Package Changes
  • AC Variable Speed Drive
  • Automatic Cool Down and Shut Off
  • CE Approved Safety System

Preferred Pack PP5300 Combo L'Sealer

New longer more powerful shrink tunnel, new Siemens touch screen control panel with 30 program memory and Vertical Seal Head Design for increased machine speeds up to 40 PPM and increased package height up to 5 inches. The new PP5300 Combination Fully Automatic L sealer and tunnel built on same frame, Siemens PLC, 40ppm variable speed drive- 0 to 95 FPM, product staging, multi pack option, APC-automatic product clearing, jam alarm, motorized scrap windup with alarm, pinwheel hole punch, single piece hot knife seal bar, casters Attached is a 18"W x 36"Lx 8"H Tunnel.

  • Seal Area (LxWxH):.... 19 x 17 x 5 INCHES
  • Power:.... 220 volts - 20 amps - single phase
  • Crated Dimensions (LxWxH):.... 118 x 64 x 73 INCHES
  • Weight:.... 2600lbs

  • Product Length: 118.00 in.
  • Product Width: 64.00 in.
  • Product Height: 73.00 in.
  • Product Weight: 2600.00 lbs.
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