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Cassida - 5510 UV - Currency Counter w/ Counterfeit Detection - CASH/ BILL/ MONEY COUNTING MACHINE/ COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR

Cassida - 5510 UV - Currency Counter w/ Counterfeit Detection - CASH/ BILL/ MONEY COUNTING MACHINE/ COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR
ID : 15762

Cassida 5510 UV Currency Counter

.Advanced Cassida counting equipment uses the latest technological advancements available in the industry. All Cassida machines utilize Infra-Red technology which maximizes currency counting accuracy as well as half and double note detection

Time saving All Cassida counters are equipped with an auto-start feature which significantly reduces time in cash processing operations. Machines start batching, counting, or adding automatically the moment bills are placed in the hopper.

User friendly While Cassida machines are sophisticated pieces of equipment, end users don't need to worry about its intricacies. Designed with the user in mind our machines are intuitive and easy to operate. In fact you will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the controls. No more complex and hard to memorize operations, everything is accessible with the push of a button.

Mobile Accuracy, reliability, and ease of operation are not the only advantages of using Cassida counters. Lightweight and compact Cassida models are easily mobile thanks to the integrated carrying handle. And wherever you take it, the contemporary design will easily integrate into any business environment.

Technical specifications:
  • Counting speed: 1300 bills/min
  • Hopper capacity: 200 new bills
  • Stacker capacity: 200 new bills
  • Counterfeit detection: UV
  • Error detection: Double, half and chain note detection
  • Auto-start feature: Included
  • Operating modes: count, add, batch
  • Display type: Dual LED screen
  • Error alert: Audio and visual alert system
  • Easy maintenance: Snap-open front cover
  • Options: Remote display
  • Weight: 10.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11'' x 9.8'' x 6.8''
  • Power source: 110 VAC

    • Product Length: 11.00 in.
    • Product Width: 10.00 in.
    • Product Height: 6.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 99.99 lbs.
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