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ERC - 4806R - Electric and Automatic Paper Cutter

ERC - 4806R - Electric and Automatic Paper Cutter
ID : 17385
ERC 4806R 18.9 Inch Electric Paper Cutter

The ERC 4806R is a dynamic Heavy-Duty Industrial Electric Paper Cutter designed and built for repetitive cutting cycles. It is a user friendly Touch-Key Pad activated Electric Paper Cutter. The 4806R is versatile can be operated on a Tabletop or Mounted onto the a Steel Base Cabinet which is included . The 4806R Electric Paper Cutter has a Cutting Width of 18.6 inches and will cut through a paper stack up to 2.0 inches high (about 550 sheets) in one stroke. Front/Rear Safety Covers, Motor Driven Paper Clamp, Motor Driven Backstop, Optical Blade Placement Indicator and Blade Stop Photo Eye Safety Circuit are some of the useful features on the 4806R Electric Paper Cutting Machine. Blade to Backstop Depth is 16.5 inches. The Backstop is controlled through a Digital Display and Input Panel that extends to the rear edge of the Cutting Surface, and can be locked in position. Information input into the Key Pad can be saved in memory for future cutting jobs. The Cutting Blade and Electric Paper Clamp alignment allow for a Narrow Cut of 1.2 inches. A Safety Feature on this Paper Cutter is that Two-Hand Operation is required for Blade Action A Base Cabinet for storage is included.


  • 2in. - 550 Sheet Cutting Height Capability
  • Motor driven Paper Clamp and Back Gauge with smooth Calibrated Movement
  • Full Backstop extension
  • Solid Steel Blade Carrier
  • Optical Blade Placement Indicator
  • Safe Two-Handed Operation Required
  • Comes with a Base Cabinet for Storage
  • Dimensions: mm/inches: 935/36.8 H. x 620 /20.5 Depth x 1235/48.6 W. Weight: kg/lbs. 150 / 331.
  • Shipping and Handling: Please call for Quote.

    • Product Length: 20.50 in.
    • Product Width: 48.60 in.
    • Product Height: 36.80 in.
    • Product Weight: 100.00 lbs.
    • Max. Paper Cutting Width: 18.9 in.
    • Max. Paper Cutting Length: 42 in.
    • Max. Paper Cutting Height: 2 in.
    • Blade to backstop: 18.9 in.
    • Voltage: 110 volts
    ERC currency counting machines are warranted for a period of one-year parts and labor. Mixed bill counters are warranted for 120 days labor and one-year parts replacement. Coin counting machines are warranted for four months labor and one-year parts replacement. Units must be returned to factory for servicing. Inbound shipping charges are the users responsibility. Repaired units will be returned with shipping prepaid. Warranty does not cover routine cleaning or other user maintenance requirements.