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Staplex - MA-500C AccuSlitter - Electric Mail Opener with counter

Staplex - MA-500C AccuSlitter - Electric Mail Opener with counter
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Staplex Model MA-500C Accuslitter Electric Mail Opener with Counter

Open mail faster without cutting off envelope tops or damaging contents!
Discover the fastest, safest way to open all sizes, types and volumes of mail with the AccuSlitter Electric Mail Opener - made exclusively by Staplex?????????????????????????????? in the U.S.A.. Using patented technology, the AccuSlitter makes a laser-like, precision slit across the underside of envelopes - not completely through. The result: Quickly and safely opened mail. No cut off envelope tops, no messy shreds, no damaged contents!
Model MA-500 has a fully automatic belt-less feed (a Staplex exclusive!)
Also available as Model MA-500C with an optional electronic LCD counter. NOTE: Counter accuracy is 10 percent.
The AccuSlitter protects your mail. It's your assurance for clean, safe mail every day.

Faster - Now automatically open your mail at the rate of 250 envelopes per minute without cutting off envelope tops or damaging contents! Model MA-500 AccuSlitter obsoletes tedious conventional methods and substantially increases productivity for all mail opening all sizes, types and volumes. It's so easy to use. Simply place envelopes on the feed stack and in seconds all are automatically opened, ejected and stacked in the mail receiving tray. Eliminate toil and mess. No more waiting-orders, correspondence, checks and all mail is processed at top speed. The MA-500 AccuSlitter upgrades your mail opening to state-of-the-art sophistication.

Safer - The magic behind the AccuSlitter is a precision slitting mechanism engineered to exact tolerances for lifetime performance.
With laser-like precision, the Staplex MA-500 slits across the underside of the envelope-not completely through.
The result: Clean, opened mail with no envelope shreds, no damaged contents, no messy paper "fallout" dust.
Secondly, the slit is positioned so that the contents cannot accidentally slip out. No lost contents when mail is being distributed.

Quieter - Use the AccuSlitter anywhere. Its whisper-quiet operation is great for mailroom or receptionist's desk. Solid construction combined with extra sound-deadening materials make the AccuSlitter super quiet! And quiet machines mean more productivity for you.
Stronger - Built with heavy-duty components throughout, the reliable MA-500 AccuSlitter can handle full day work loads. just plug it in and zip through a handful or truckload of mail. Use a cluster of AccuSlitters for low-cost mail extracting stations. The MA-500 is fast enough to open large volumes, affordable enough to have in every department.

Standard features - The AccuSlitter gives you so many features including large capacity mail receiving tray, envelope thickness adustment, safety shield for slitting mechanism, special AccuLloy blade, stylish non-glare, impact resistant housing with contoured edges, 8 foot (2.4 m) grounded power supply cord, thermal overload protection, built-in resettable circuit breaker, lighted on/off switch and a touch of Staplex magic!
Add the guaranty of satisfaction from Staplex, whose decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing innovative office equipment is recognized worldwide

MA-500 AccuSlitter Specifications:

  • Speed: 250 mixed envelopes per minute (15,000 pieces per hour)
  • Acceptable Mail: All sizes and types of envelopes
  • Maximum Thickness: 1/4" (6.4 mm) automatically
  • Dimensions: 15 inches W x 15 inches D x 13.5 inches H (381 mm x 279 mm x 343 mm)
    [18-1/4 inches (464 mm) wide with elevator plate extended]
  • Receiving Tray: 14.2 inches W x 8.8 inches D x 9.2 inches H (359 mm x 222 mm x 232mm)
  • Color: Cream White
  • Weight: MA-500 - 22-lbs. (10 kg.)
  • Receiving Tray:........ 6.5-lbs. (3 kg)

    Ordering Information:
    Model MA-500 - 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 2.2 Amp.
    Model MA-500C With optional counter, 115 VAC, 60 Hz
    Model MA-500A - 220-230 VAC, 50 Hz, 2.2 Amp.
    Model MA-500AC - With optional counter, 220-230 VAC, 50 Hz
    Made in U.S.A. 9 Maintenance and Wear Parts

    For opening smaller quantities of mail, inquire about Staplex Model MA-1 AccuSlitter with automatic feed.

    • Product Length: 999.00 in.
    • Product Width: 9999.00 in.
    • Product Height: 9999.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 9999.00 lbs.
    IPS warrants its products as follows: One (1) year on defective parts and labor from date of receipt; limited lifetime warranty on primary cutters and cutter shafts, except D.O.D. special high security models, RC, B, and crusher model shredders/knife mills. Does not cover normal wear and tear or paper jams. Warranty void on all models for operator abuse, misuse, neglect or alteration (modification) to shredder/disintegrator or any of its components.