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Neolt - SFT250 - Foam Trim Special with Fixing Bar and Laser Ray with Modular Lateral Ext.

Neolt - SFT250 - Foam Trim Special with Fixing Bar and Laser Ray with Modular Lateral Ext.
ID : 17646

Neolt SFT250 Foam Trim Special with Electric Fixing Bar and Laser Ray with Modular Lateral Extension

The ultimate in automated foam trimmers. Electrically operated, fixed blade cutting head is constructed from hardened steel, precisely aligned by dual aluminum guide rails and driven by a one quarter horsepower motor coupled with a positive chain drive. Head cutting speed is variable. Depth of cut is operator selected from four preset settings and automatically adjusted according to the operator's request. Precise targeting of each cut is accomplished with the aid of a "Laser Designator" alignment system. Controls include "up" and "down" variable speed motor control, "panic stop" button and "depth of cut selector." Fixing bar adjusts to height of substrate, automatically stabilizing the sheet for clean, crisp cuts eliminating pinching of substrate edges. Left and right lateral extensions as well as an adjustable reference bracket is supplied with each foam trimmer. System will cut a variety of substrates including rigid foam board up to 1.26 inches (32mm) or Sintra up to .50 inch (13mm). Additional left and right lateral extensions are modular and available as options. This is a special order unit check with us for lead times.

Important Points:

When considering the purchase of a Neolt foam trimmer: Although designed to meet the needs of most foam board users, Neolt foam trimmers are not intended for every foam cutting application. Light Foam works best when foamboard is placed against the end cutting guide since there is no clamping device to hold it firmly in place. The same applies to the Foam Trim unless the optional clamping bar is purchased. For the Vertical Foam and Electric Foam the clamping bar is included as standard equipment. The head cuts only in one direction and may require some force when cutting through thick foam. And even though the cuts are clean and square, a slight burr is left on the lower card surface. Lastly, unlike rotary trimmers, the cutting blade is quite exposed and may be hazardous to children.

  • Product Length: 98.00 in.
  • Product Width: 35.00 in.
  • Product Height: 5.00 in.
  • Product Weight: 240.00 lbs.
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