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Preferred Pack - TP-101PB - Fully Auto Strapping Machine with Power Conveyor Belted Table- STRAPPING MACHINE

Preferred Pack - TP-101PB - Fully Auto Strapping Machine with Power Conveyor Belted Table- STRAPPING MACHINE
ID : 17201

Preferred Pack TP-101PB Arch Fully Automatic Type Package Strapping Machine with Power Conveyor Belted Table and Pneumatic Top Compression Cylinder to Compress Packages and PLC Controlled

In Today's Competitive Market, You Have To Have The Most Productive, Highest Performance Machinery.

Fully Automatic Arch Type, Power Conveyor Belted Table with PLC Control, 3 Photo eyes. This system is good for packages over 20 lbs or less

The Preferred Pack TP-101PB is similar to TP-101PR, except with powered conveyor belt feed. Especially suited for strapping small packages. Photoelectric cell controls strapping and feeding motions.

We offer you the most modern design Fully Automatic Strapping Machine for your packaging line. Whatever your needs, we have got the right strapping machine at the right price.

Preferred Pack TP-101PB
Fully Automatic Strapping Machine
  • Power Conveyor Belted Table
  • It Provides Automatic Operations for Automatic Strapping and Automatic Package in feed and out feed
  • Ideal for high production demands and unmanned automatic production lines
  • Especially suited for strapping medium and heavy weight packages
  • New Aluminum Chute (Patented)
    Easy to install and maintain. Gives Quiet Running Performance.
  • Programmable Logic Controller
    Controls Correct Voltage and Operation, no matter what the condition of the power supply. Maintenance and repair frequency has been drastically reduced, making it easier for operation.
  • Proximity Switch (Patented)
    Offers Flawless Switching without contact problems, ensuring accurate switching and long service life
  • Sensor Equipped Conveyor Belted Table
    Allows perfect Switching, no matter where the package position is during feed
  • New Die Cast Heater Blade This new design lasts longer and eliminates the blade distortion and short circuit problems of a conventional heater blade
  • 60 Second Auto Motor Power Off
    The Motor shuts off automatically after 60 seconds idle running. Cycle restart is conveniently made by pressing any switch
  • Two Motors Separate Start Up
    Can use normal electric sources due to low electric current. ( Max. start up current less than 15 amps.)
  • Arch Size (HxW) :....(850x600mm)
  • Table Height :.... (810mm)
  • Strap Width :.... 9, 12 , 15mm
  • Max. Tension :....80 Kgs
  • Strapping Speed :....2 sec. per Strap
  • Power Supply :....220, 240, 380V- 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
    Preferred Packaging Systems products are warranted to the original end user against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase for a three (3) year period (parts only included) when used under normal operating conditions.

  • Product Length: 0.00 in.
  • Product Width: 0.00 in.
  • Product Height: 0.00 in.
  • Product Weight: 0.00 lbs.
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