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ERC Trio - 4708M - Manual Stack Paper Cutter

ERC Trio - 4708M - Manual Stack Paper Cutter
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ERC 4708M Manual Stack Paper Cutter

Fine Cut Manual Paper Cutter. ERC paper cutting machines meet the task of cutting large amounts of paper clean and square head-on. The wide cutting width and included support stand make the 4708M an exceptional value. The ERC 4708M manual paper cutter is designed to cut a clean, crisp, square edge every time. Constructed of the best steel components available, the 4708M manual paper cutter has a cutting width of 18.5 inches and will slice through a paper stack of 3.14 inches thick (about 750 sheets) in a single stroke. Blade to backstop depth is 17.5 inches. The backstop advance handle is marked in 1/8 inch increments and advances the paper stack with minimum effort in a smooth fluid motion. Unit includes a side alignment bar marked in inch and millimeter hash marks, optical blade placement indicator, mechanical blade lock and front safety shield. The cutting blade and paper clamp alignment tolerance allows for a fine narrow cut of 0.98 inches. The cutting arm extends well beyond the cutter body providing a comfortable cutting stance. Steel floor mounting stand is included.


  • Manual cutting paper in rotary table style
  • Spindle guide backgauge
  • Sidelay with measuring scale
  • Safe protect cover and blade lock
  • Optical Blade Placement Indicator

    WARRANTY FOR ELCTRIC CUTERS, MANUAL CUTTERS AND TIMMERS, and STAPLERS ERC warrants to the original purchaser for a period of time from the date of shipment, that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship when used under normal operating conditions. Warranty stages are:
    • ELECTRIC CUTTERS: Three (3) months labor and twelve (12) months limited warranty on parts (excluding wearables)*;
    • MANUAL CUTTERS AND TRIMMERS: 15 inches and smaller: Two (2) year repair or replacement coverage (excluding wearables)* ;
    • MANUAL CUTTERS AND TRIMMERS: Greater than 15 inches: One (1) year repair or replacement coverage (excluding wearables)* ;
    • STAPLERS: One-year repair or replace coverage (excluding wearables).

    With the exception of ELECTRIC CUTTERS and MANUAL CUTTERS AND TRIMMERS with a Shipping Weight of 60 lbs. or over, all items are "return to depot" for warranty service. Improper use, cutting blades, and user maintenance requirements are not covered by this warranty. ERC agrees to repair or replace, at its option, any defective part or component covered by this warranty, provided there was no abuse and ERC must first receive written notice of a defect within the applicable warranty period. With the exception of the Labor warranty for ELECTRIC CUTTERS, warranties do not include labor or the payment of any labor charges or incidental or consequential expenses. All parts are shipped FOB Brentwood, NY. Warranty claims must be submitted with replacement part order. *Examples of wearables are: knives, sticks, light bulbs, rubber rollers, belts, feed stones, separator pads, fuses, gears, chains, clutches, brakes, etc.

    • Product Length: 27.00 in.
    • Product Width: 29.00 in.
    • Product Height: 49.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 209.00 lbs.
    • Cutting Length behind blade: 18.5 in.
    • Optical Blade Placement Indicator
    • Paper Cutting Thickness: 3.15in.
    • Paper Cutting Width: 18.5in
    • Safe protect cover and blade lock
    ERC currency counting machines are warranted for a period of one-year parts and labor. Mixed bill counters are warranted for 120 days labor and one-year parts replacement. Coin counting machines are warranted for four months labor and one-year parts replacement. Units must be returned to factory for servicing. Inbound shipping charges are the users responsibility. Repaired units will be returned with shipping prepaid. Warranty does not cover routine cleaning or other user maintenance requirements.

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    Product Width: 28.34in.
    Product Height: 48.42in.
    Product Length: 26.77in.
    Product Weight: 209 lbs.
    Paper Cutting Width: 18.5in
    Paper Cutting Height: 3.15in.
    Narrow Cut: .98in.
    Cutting Length behind blade: 18.5 in.