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SEMACON - S-530 - Mixed Coin Counting & Sorting Machine`- MIXED COIN COUNTER

SEMACON - S-530 - Mixed Coin Counting & Sorting Machine`- MIXED COIN COUNTER
ID : 17213

DISCONTINUED Semacon S-530 Heavy Duty Coin Sorting and Counting Machine - Mixed Coin Discriminator

Semacon is the international choice of banks, credit unions, casinos, vending operators, amusement operators, retail stores, restaurants and other companies that need high-quality Currency Counters & Coin Counters for high-volume or mid-volume money counting environments.

The Semacon S-530 Coin Sorter / Value Counter allows users to put mixed coin in, and sort and count all five U.S. coin denominations simultaneously. The end result displays either a value count or piece count for each denomination and the total of all denominations.

Semacon's S-530 offers many functions and features in one easy-to-use machine. It replaces the popular S-520, and has additional features to provide intelligent cash management. The control panel allows the user to toggle between piece count and value count, cycle through coin denominations, turn batch counting on or off, set batches, clear totals, and more. The S-530 is durable and dependable, with a solid metal chassis and heavy duty metal components, as well as a motorized chain driven sorting mechanism. This design is superior to gravity and rail type sorters, as it is not prone to the jamming and maintenance problems generally associated with them.

Batch stop settings are selected for each coin denomination, facilitating packaging or bagging. Batch levels accumulate independently from subtotals and grand totals, and may be cleared manually or automatically when a bag, wrapper, or drawer is full. The function may be turned off when not in use. Other functions include subtotaling / grand totaling, selective total clearing, and end of day/shift balancing. In the event of a power failure or turning off the machine, a memory backup maintains all totals and settings.

An optional integrated thermal printer is available; this enables the operator to print a detailed timed, dated receipt with current totals, grand totals or batch levels. The thermal printer paper designed for use with this equipment is sold in packages of 10 rolls.
*Printer is factory installed and must be ordered with the machine.

Printer Available Item# 17214 On This Site

Optional attachments are required to package or bag (sold separately). When bagging, purchase attachment for each coin to be bagged, as well as the clamp kit. When packaging, the packaging tube and bagging attachment for each desired denomination must be purchased.

  • Easy to use control panel that offers more features and options than other coin sorters.
  • Capable of counting and sorting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars.
  • Count totals are displayed on a digital screen that also has the option to display accumulated totals for multiple sorts.
  • Provides cash management functions such as subtotaling/grand totaling, selective total clearing and end of day/shift balancing
  • Made with a solid metal chassis and heavy duty metal components, this unit is sure to last and withstand any heavy use from commercial sorting and counting.
  • Designed to provide the functionality and performance of much larger machines but in a smaller package that can fit on your desktop or tabletop.
  • Whether you are packaging or wrapping applications, the mixed counter has the option to batch stop each denomination separately or all together.
  • Power fail and power off memory backup.
  • Optional bagging and packaging attachments are available for each coin denomination.
  • Optional thermal printer w/ thermal printer paper. The printer is factory installed only so it MUST be ordered with the S-530.
  • Includes AD/DC adapter, 5 coin drawers, dust cover, cleaning brush and operating manual
    Coin Counting :YES
    Coin Sorting:YES
    Batch Counting: YES
    Digital Display:YES
    Anti Jam Function:YES
    Sorting Speed: 450 coins per minute
    Hopper Capacity: Up to 500 coins.
    Coin Types: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coins
    Coin Drawer Capacity: 150 pennies, 80 nickels, 250 dimes, 200 quarters & 80 dollars.
    Power: 120VAC/60Hz @ 170mA, Max 24VDC @ 500mA
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 17.75 x 8.25 x 10 INCHES (w/o accessories)
    Weight: 14 Lbs/ 6.4 Kgs.(w/o accessories)
  • Product Length: 8.25 in.
  • Product Width: 17.75 in.
  • Product Height: 10.00 in.
  • Product Weight: 15.00 lbs.