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Preferred Pack - IS-2000F - WATERLESS Foil Cap Induction Sealing Machine - INDUCTION SEALER

Preferred Pack - IS-2000F - WATERLESS Foil Cap Induction Sealing Machine - INDUCTION SEALER
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What is an Induction Sealer?

    Induction sealing, otherwise known as cap sealing, is a non-contact method of heating a metallic disk to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers. This sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped.

    The closure is supplied to the bottler with foil liner already inserted. Although there are various liners to choose from, a typical induction liner is multi-layered. The top layer is a paper pulp that is generally spot-glued to the cap. The next layer is wax that is used to bond a layer of aluminum foil to the pulp. The bottom layer is a polymer film laminated to the foil. After the cap or closure is applied, the container passes under an induction coil, which emits an oscillating electromagnetic field. As the container passes under the induction coil (sealing head) the conductive aluminum foil liner begins to heat. The heat melts the wax, which is absorbed into the pulp backing and releases the foil from the cap. The polymer film also heats and flows onto the lip of the container. When cooled, the polymer creates a bond with the container resulting in a hermetically sealed product. Neither the container nor its contents are affected, and this all happens in a matter of seconds

Preferred Pack IS-2000F WATERLESS Foil Cap Induction Sealing Machine

If you package tablets, capsules or any product that requires an Air-Tight Seal in bottles, The Preferred Pack IS-2000F induction Sealer will give you an advantage. Induction Sealing creates a visible seal that assures consumers of the product's safety. As a result, you are more likely to earn their repeat business.

Using the Preferred Pack IS-2000F Induction Sealer requires you to cap bottles with a closure that includes a foil inner seal, or liner. As the capped bottles travel along a conveyor (OPTIONAL), the induction sealer fuses the inner seal to the bottle openings using and electromagnetic field. After the bottle exits the electromagnetic field, the foil cools. The air tight seal provides visual tamper evidence, prevents leakage, promotes child resistance and protects your product from dust, mist, vapors, fumes and gases. In some cases the foil seal also extends shelf life.

  • Fast and efficient. The foil seals tightly without being affected by moisture, grease or powder contamination on the sealing area.
  • The built in protection system can automatically detect electric current overload, temperature overload, low water level and the wrong electrical pahse.
  • The cooling system is forced circulation design. The coolant is continuously re-circulated.
  • The cooling effect can be kept for a long time due to the low coolant loss.
  • The mainframe uses water cooled design that is superior to air cooled model which has thermal overload problems.
  • The machine uses the solid state power transistor module design for high efficency, stable output, easy repair and maintenance.
  • The foot stands uses stainless steel and high strength aluminum alloy which are surface treated for superior finish.
  • Power Output :.... 2000W
  • Input Voltage :....ACV 220V 1Phase
  • Max. Current :....12A
  • Cap Diameter :.... A: 20-60mm / B: 60-120mm
  • Cooling System :....Liquid Cooled
  • Generator Type :....MOS-FET
  • Frequency :....50 - 100 KHZ
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) :.... 35.43 x 23.6 x 62.9 Inches
    (900x600x1600 mm)
  • Weight :....264.5 Lbs. (120 Kg.)

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  • Product Length: 0.00 in.
  • Product Width: 0.00 in.
  • Product Height: 0.00 in.
  • Product Weight: 0.00 lbs.
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