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Lassco - XCM-APPII - Count Machinery Auto-Pro Plus II with 2 Numbering Heads, Numbering, Perforating and Scoring Machine

Lassco - XCM-APPII - Count Machinery Auto-Pro Plus II with 2 Numbering Heads, Numbering, Perforating and Scoring Machine
ID : 15706
Lassco XCM-APPII Count AUTO-PRO PLUS II Friction Feed Automatic Numbering Machine, Perforating Machine, and Scoring Machine by Count Machinery

The Count Auto Pro Plus II Air can Number, Perf, and Score ALL in one pass. The Count Machinery AUTO-PRO PLUS II with 2 Numbering Heads offers a user friendly attitude, flexibility, and speed. It's ideal for shops doing a multitude of jobs and who require the speed and efficiency of automatic feeding features. This Friction Fed 18 Inch wide feed unit is designed to do high-quality Numbering, Perforating, Scoring and optional Micro-perfing and is easily operated by anyone in your shop.

Designed to produce high-quality Numbering, Perforating, and Scoring tasks, this 18 Inch wide feed machine is easy to use by anyone in your shop. The Count AUTO-PRO PLUS II has a sleek design and has a small footprint taking up little space on your counter or table top. An optional stand is available for the machine.


  • The AUTO-PRO PLUS II can be used for Numbering, Perforating, Scoring, Micro-perforating, and Digital Media Scoring.
  • User friendly menu driven microprocessor controller that guides you through set-ups step-by-step.
  • 18 Inch Wide Feed
  • The Self-Fanning Automatic Bottom Feeder is designed for continuous loading without stopping production, and because it is bottom fed, any job that has to be run back through the machine a second time (second pass jobs) will maintain the proper number sequence, i.e. No collating is required when jobs must run through the machine two or more times.
  • Feed Single Sheets, Coated Stock, Tickets or Multipart forms, open or glued edges.
  • The Feed Rails offer micro-lateral adjustment for easy set-up of number-perf-score locations and to keep the alignment of paper for a straight perf and score every time. The caliper paper adjustment is easily set to feed single sheets or multiple part carbonless, even on the open edge.
  • The Numbering System consists of two (2) electronically fired numbering heads are independently controlled by the microprocessor.
  • Up to Twenty (20) numbering strikes per sheet are accomplished - with number placement ANYWHERE on the sheet, including the upper gripper edge. The standard Numbering Head is a 7 digit gothic, reverse with 5 repeat sequences, and has an adjustment to set the amount of impact pressure for various types of stock.
  • Crash print up through a 10 part carbonless form.
  • Other Numbering Styles and Number / Letter wheels are available at additional cost.
  • Perforating and scoring is accomplished on the main roller, before the Numbering Heads, for maximum control of the sheet.
  • Capable of mounting up to four perf and or score wheel assemblies.
  • A variety of perf blade styles are also available, including a Micro-Perf Blade for laser perforating.
  • Perforating Blade Styles available: 5-1: (18 teeth), 9-1 (33 teeth), 12-1: (45 teeth), Micro-Perf (185 teeth), Micro-Perf (96 teeth).
  • Quickly change from perf to score in a matter of seconds.
  • Patented self inking disposable ink cartridges: no re-inking requires. Approximately 20,000 impressions per cartridge. Ink is available in Red or Black in Six (6) or Ten (10) packs (Single color or mixed Black and Red) on this website.
  • Electrical: 115v/60Hz or 230v/50Hz. CE Approved
  • Shipping Information: Shipping Weight 200 lbs. Ships by Truck.

    The Count Auto-Pro Plus II Microprocessor Features:

  • Six (6) Speed modes: Three (3) Numbering speed modes and Three (3) Perforating speed modes.
  • Double Sheet Detector
  • Print Test
  • Batch Counter
  • Total Counter
  • *A five year microprocessor warranty that can't be beat.

    The Count Auto-Pro Plus II Numbering Heads Features :

  • Number Single Sheets or Crash number up through an 8 part carbonless form.
  • Deluxe (7) wheel Gothic reverse numbering heads offer (5) repeat sequences: 0, 1, 2, 3, &6, and 3 drop-away zeros.


  • Standard or Heavy-Duty Wheel Set
  • Electric or Pneumatic Drive
  • Standard or Strike Perf
  • Ink Jet Attachment for Barcodes, Text, Counters, and Variable Data
  • Machine Stand
  • Choice of 3 standard perf styles 5, 9, or 12 Cuts per inch
  • Choice of 3 Micro perf styles 96 teeth, 185 teeth or 185 teeth deep cut.


  • Count warrants each new machine against defective parts and workmanship.
  • One (1) year Warranty on electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Ninety (90) day Warranty on numbering heads.
    Five (5) year Warranty on microprocessor.


    • Product Length: 16.00 in.
    • Product Width: 11.50 in.
    • Product Height: 10.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 99.99 lbs.
    The Tablematic Plus is guaranteed against defective parts and workmanship. One year Warranty on electrical and mechanical parts. 90 day Warranty on numbering head.